Brittany Mosher
(Ph.D. Summer 2017)

“Conservation and ecology of amphibians imperiled by chytridiomycosis”

Current Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, USGS and Penn State University

Brittany’s website

Rodrigo Lima Massara (Ph.D. UFMG Brazil 2016)

“Abundance, habitat use and ecological interactions of the ocelot in Atlantic forest protected areas”

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher, UFMG

I am interested in protecting and conserving the Brazilian fauna, focusing mainly in the population status, habitat use, and ecological interactions of mammalian carnivores in the current fragmentation scenario of the Brazilian biomes. My research is focused on applying mark-recapture and occupancy models to estimate demographic parameters that can help us choose and implement the proper management strategies to conserve the Brazilian fauna (especially mammals).

Ana Maria de Oliveira Paschoal (Ph.D. UFMG Brazil 2016)

“Abundance and distribution of free-range dogs in Atlantic forest protected areas”

Current Position: Researcher of Ecology and Conservation Lab, UFMG

I am interested in the ecology and conservation of mammals, mainly in the following themes: population status, habitat use, diet and ecological interactions of mammals in the current fragmented scenario of Brazilian ecosystems. My PhD research focused on the domestic dog as invasive species in Atlantic Forest protected areas, usingĀ mark-recapture models and occupancy models to estimate parameters that can help develop and implement management strategies to limit the impact of this species onĀ  native fauna. .