Project Description: Conservation of Boreal Toads inĀ  Southern Rocky Mountains
This is a collection of projects is aimed at understanding factors influencing population and distributional dynamics of the state-endangered, and federally petitioned, Boreal Toad (Anaxyrus [Bufo] boreas boreas). Projects include: (1) Investigating factors influencing Boreal Toad and disease dynamics (2) Assessing the impact of introduced, endangered cutthroat trout on boreal toad breeding success and recruitment (3) Estimating survival of reintroduced tadpoles and evaluating short-term success of reintroduction efforts (4) Using a structured decision making approach to revise recovery objectives and evaluate potential management actions for endangered amphibians.
Project Description: Ecology and Conservation of Terrestrial Reptiles in the Great Plains
Approximately 60% of the native terrestrial reptile species found in the Great are listed as state endangered, threatened, or in need of conservation; however, basic information on species distribution is often lacking. Future conservation of native reptiles will depend largely on our understanding of environmental and biological factors that most influence distributions and persistence of native reptiles and our ability to effectively assess trends in their populations over time. Danny Martin, a PhD student in the lab, is assessing factors influencing historic and contemporary reptile distributions, and evaluating various survey methods to develop a comprehensive, volunteer-based monitoring program for these species.