Partners in Planning

Partners in Planning: AFWA Committees

The Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies is one of the cohosts for Pathways 2023. As a cohost, the following committees, subcommittees, and working groups are involved with planning organized sessions within specific themes for the conference.

If you would like to submit an abstract that correlates to these themes and committees, choose the committee under “Topics of Interest” on your submission. View all of our themes and topics of interest.

Thanks to the committee leads for all of their hard work!

Waterfowl Working Group

duck flying

Committee Details

The Waterfowl Working Group is charged to: (1) contribute to the implementation of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) to conserve priority landscapes for waterfowl habitat and to advance the human dimensions aspects of the Plan; (2) advance policies, legislation, and funding initiatives (NAWCA and others) in support of wetland protection and restoration, with consideration of drought, water quality, and climate change issues; (3) provide guidance and oversight for the Fall Flights program, including implementation of the recommendations in the President’s Task Force on the Fall Flights Program Report; and (4) initiate and support wetland and waterfowl habitat information sharing with Congress, state, federal, and NGO partners, and the public.

Human/Wildlife Conflict Working Group

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Committee Details

The Human/Wildlife Conflict Working Group is charged to assist Agencies with the growing challenges of managing human-wildlife conflicts by providing a forum for discussion and a mechanism for agencies to work together to come up with solutions to conflicts that benefit wildlife and the humans with whom they interact.

Wildlife Viewing & Nature Tourism Group

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Committee Details

The Wildlife Viewing & Nature Tourism Working Group is charged to advance wildlife viewing and nature tourism programs within state agencies as strategies to build support for fish wildlife conservation by connecting ethnically and geographically diverse people to the outdoors.

Bird Conservation Committee

Meadowlark Colorado

Committee Details

The Bird Conservation Committee is charged to:

  • Keep the Association informed of developments affecting bird conservation.
  • Promote policies necessary to ensure the long-term conservation of bird populations and their habitats, sustainable hunting and the public’s ability to enjoy birds.
  • Maintain coordination with federal agency and NGO partners and partners throughout the western hemisphere.
  • Work closely with the flyway councils and the North American Bird Conservation Initiative.
  • Contribute to the activities and involvement of the International Relations Committee and other groups regarding international issues that affect birds.

Human Dimensions and Social Science Subcommittee

women looking at a lake and mountain

Committee Details

The AFWA Social Science Subcommittee (under the AFWA Science and Research Committee) will provide a forum for discussion about human dimensions and social science research and applications in state, federal and provincial wildlife and natural resource agencies and partners to:

  • Highlight the necessity of social science integration into fish and wildlife management decisions.

  • Identify and provide effective tools, resources, and expertise for successful social science integration.

  • Promote and foster increased social science competence of natural resource practitioners to increase the capacity of conservation social science in North America.

  • Build cross jurisdictional connections between AFWA member organizations, regional human dimensions/social science committees/working groups, and partner organizations to improve conservation outcomes, reduce redundancy across organizations, and advance social science integration.

Education, Outreach & Diversity Committee

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Committee Details

The Education, Outreach & Diversity Committee is charged to address critical outreach (communications and marketing) needs identified by AFWA committees and membership; leverage member efforts to facilitate outreach initiatives on a national scale; strengthen and unify the conservation education efforts of AFWA members and partners; promote diversity within the agency workforce and the constituents served by the Association; and foster networking and outreach partnerships among the growing field of wildlife viewing and nature tourism initiatives.

Wildlife Diversity Conservation and Funding Committee

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Committee Details

This committee advocates for long-term dedicated funding and annual appropriations for the conservation of species of greatest conservation need, nature-based recreation, and conservation education; it supports the development, implementation, and revision of State Wildlife Action Plans.

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