Standard Monitoring Data

Data Requests

We make our data available to the public to expand its utility, so that others may use it to improve our understanding about natural soundscapes, as well as the effects of noise on wildlife and natural processes. If you or your team is interested in using our data for your own research purposes, please contact us to determine whether we have data sets from parks that you are interested in studying. If we do and you would like to request these data, you may then submit a formal data request.

Please include the following information in your formal request:

  • 1-2 page research proposal outlining your research questions and how you plan to use the requested data to answer your research questions
  • The park(s) and specific location(s) within the park(s) from which you are requesting data
  • Date range of requested data
  • Whether you are requesting audio files (.mp3)
  • Whether you are requesting text files of acoustic information (sound pressure levels (dBA) within each one-third octave per second, overall sound pressure level (dBA) per second, and wind speed (if available))

After we have received and reviewed your request, we will contact you to work out any details.

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