About Professor Schultz and the Public Lands Policy Group

I am a professor of forest and natural resource policy. I investigate topics at the intersection of science and policy, and my recent work has focused on policy innovations to support collaborative landscape restoration, effective fire management, and climate change adaptation on US forestlands. Here’s an article about my work!

I direct the Public Lands Policy Group (PLPG), a research group focused on US public lands policy and governance. We produce original research to inform the practice of natural resource management and advance understanding of policy developments that affect public lands.

I am also the PI and Team Lead for the Climate Adaptation Partnership (CAP) at CSU, which serves to coordinate and accelerate interdisciplinary research and to facilitate science-informed, just, and holistic, social and ecological adaptation policies in the face of a changing climate. To learn more about our team and work, visit the CAP website or subscribe to our newsletter.

See links above for PLPG Practitioner Reports and Briefing Papers, lab publications, and information on current staff and students.