About Professor Schultz and the Public Lands Policy Group


I am a professor of natural resource policy and governance. My research agenda focuses on policy design to support improved governance. I specifically investigate topics at the intersection of science and policy, and my recent work has focused on policy innovations to support collaborative landscape restoration and climate change adaptation on US forestlands.

I direct the Public Lands Policy Group (PLPG), a research group focused on US public lands policy and governance. We produce original research to inform the practice of natural resource management and advance understanding of policy developments that affect public lands.

See links above for PLPG Practitioner Reports and Briefing Papers, lab publications, and information on current students. Follow us on Twitter @ProfCSchultz and @PLPG_CSU

NEWS: I have funding for two years to bring on an M.S. or Ph.D. student.  Topics would need to build on the existing work of my research group around wildlife conservation planning and policy, climate change adaptation approaches, forest restoration policy and governance (including aspects of fire management and decision making), or monitoring and adaptive management on public lands. Interested applicants can send me (courtney.schultz@colostate.edu) an email expressing their interest, a CV or resume, and their transcripts and GRE scores. Although our formal application deadline has passed, we can still consider applicants. I will be gathering applications and responding to people around May 3, 2019.