Forest Service Research & Development – RMRS Review

Project Background

The Research and Development (R&D) deputy area of the USDA Forest Service (USFS) generates and disseminates scientific research to inform the sustainable management of the nation’s forests and grasslands, including those managed by the National Forest System. R&D has experienced a decline in its budget and personnel, affecting its ability to meet this mission. There currently is a need to understand challenges and solutions for more fully integrating science and R&D into agency operations and sustainable land management, factors that have led to decreased investments, and opportunities to improve R&D relationships and support with internal USFS partners, external partners, and policy makers. In partnership with the Rocky Mountain Research Station (RMRS), we conducted a one-year study on these questions related to the R&D deputy area with a focus on the RMRS as a case study.


Greiner, S. M., Schultz, C., & Anderson, N. (2023). A Qualitative Assessment to Inform Strategic Improvement of Research and Development within the USDA Forest Service. Journal of Forestry, 1-12, Available here for download.

Greiner, M. and Schultz, C. (2022). Informing Strategic Development within the USFS Research and Development Deputy Area. CSU Public Lands Policy Group, Spring 2022.

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