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Fire Policy & Management

McGrath Novak, K., McCaffrey, S., and Schultz, C.A., 2022. Comparing land manager and community perceptions of a Colorado prescribed fire outreach program. Journal of Forestry, 1-10. DOI: 10.1093/jofore/fvac026. Available here.

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Greiner, S.M., Schultz, C.A., Kooistra, C. 2020. Pre-season fire management planning: The use of Potential Operational Delineations fo prepare for wildland fire events. International Journal of Wildland Fire. Available at:

Schultz, C.A., Moseley, C. 2019. Collaborations and capacities to transform US fire management. Science 366 (6461): 38-40; doi: 10.1126/science.aay3727
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Schultz, C.A., McCaffrey, S., Huber-Stearns, H. 2019. Policy barriers and opportunities for prescribed fire application in the Western United States. International Journal of Wildland Fire (online); Available at:

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Forest Policy & Planning

Wurtzebach, Z., Schultz, C.A., Waltz, A.E.M., Esch, B.E., and Wasserman, T.N. 2019. Broader-scale monitoring fore federal forest planning: challenges and opportunities. Journal of Forestry (online). Available at:

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Climate Change Considerations in Forest Management

vonHedemann, N., Schultz, C. A. 2021. U.S. Family Forest Owners’ Forest Management for Climate Adaptation: Perspectives From Extension and Outreach Specialists. Frontiers in Climate 3:676718. Available at:

Stephens, S., Westerling, A., Hurteau, M., Peery, M., Schultz, C.A., Thompson, S. 2020. Fire and climate change: Conserving seasonally dry forests is still possible. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment (in press). Available at:

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Wildlife Conservation

Niemiec, R., Berl, R.E.W., Gonzalez, M., Teel, T., Camara, C., Collins, M., Salerno, J., Crooks, K., Schultz, C., Breck, S., Hoag, D. 2020. Public perspectives and media reporting of wolf reintroduction in Colorado. Peer J 8, e9074. Available at:

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Collaborative Forest Management

Kooistra, C., Schultz, C., Abrams, A., Huber-Stearns, H. 2022. Institutionalizing the United States Forest Service’s Shared Stewardship Strategy in the Western United States. Journal of Forestry. Available at:

McIntyre, K.M., Schultz, C.A. Facilitating Collaboration in Forest Management: Assessing the Benefits of Collaborative Policy Innovations. Land Use Policy 96, 104683. Available at:

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Schultz, C.A., McIntyre, K.B., Cyphers, L., Kooistra, C., Ellison, A., Moseley, C. 2018. Policy Design for Forest Restoration: The Value of Focused Investment and Collaboration. Forests 9: 512, doi:10.3390/f9090512. Available at:

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