Join the lab


I am always interested in working with motivated undergrad students, as long as we can find some overlap on an ongoing project. Most of the current opportunities involve data management and spatial analysis in GIS.

Interested students should take a look at the lab's ongoing work and write a one-page statement that includes the following: long term career goals, short term goals with our lab, specific project areas of interest, and specific skills to bring to those projects.

Submit the statement along with a CV/resume as a single pdf to


I do not currently have funding for incoming graduate students, and, unfortunately, CSU does not provide sufficient GTA fellowship support that would allow students to TA their way through a degree. However, if you have external funding, I'm happy to chat about ideas. Generally, students joining the lab are interested in one or more of the following topics:

  • Farming, livestock keeping, and conflicts with wildlife
  • Human mobility and landscape change
  • Climate observations and climate responses
  • Transmission of social norms and the emergence of cooperative behaviors
  • Process-based computational modeling of conservation-related behaviors

In advance of a conversation, please email a 1-2 page research statement and a CV to


We are not currently recruiting postdocs.

For independent projects, if you're motivated to write a collaborative proposal, I'm more than happy to consider ideas. Feel free to contact me with a project pitch.


Community, or lab culture, is hard to translate through a webpage. We're a very collaborative group.  I encourage prospective students to reach out to current and past lab members.

I use a lab compact with incoming students and affiliates, in an effort to communicate norms and expectations.  This may be useful for prospective students and postdocs as well, to get a sense of what we're about.