Peter Genda

Master's student

Peter is a wildlife enthusiast and Tanzanian national with vast experience in managing wildlife conservation projects. He holds a BSc in Wildlife Conservation from Makerere university (Uganda) and is currently completing his MSc in Conservation Management of African Ecosystems from the university of Glasgow in Scotland. He was previously a wildlife officer at the game department in Tanzania, a tutor at the College of African Wildlife Management (Mweka) and an Assistant Program Director of the WCS’s Ruaha-Katavi landscape program. He was also involved in setting up a community based lion conservation initiative south of Katavi National Park called “WASIMA”-Watu Simba na Mazingira, or “People, lions and the environment”.

His research interests include human behaviour and attitudes towards wildlife species and conservation actions. Peter is currently researching how tolerance of wildlife species can be quantified and encouraged amongst pastoral and farm households in southern Tanzania. Other than conservation and research, Peter is a passionate farmer, animal lover, and traveller. He enjoys running, as well as reading about politics, religion, and history in his free time.