Comparing Two PCI2 Values

When PCI2 is approximately normally distributed, the standard deviations calculated using simulations
can be used to test differences between actual PCI2 values using the following formula:

d =
ABS ( PCIa – PCIb )
√ ( PCIaSD )2 + ( PCIbSD )2


The is the radical symbol for the square root of the sum of the squares
ABS = Absolute value
PCIa = Observed PCI2 for the 1st sample or group
PCIb = Observed PCI2 for a 2nd sample or group
PCIaSD = Std. Dev. of simulated PCI2 distribution for 1st sample or group
PCIbSD = Std. Dev. of the simulated PCI2 distribution for 2nd sample or group

The PCI2 Difference test.xls performs this calculation