NR 512 – First Draft

The first draft of your study should follow a similar structure to the template paper that you have chosen to work from. When uploading your draft for review, please also upload a copy of the template paper you are working from as this can be valuable in reviewing paper structure and flow.

Paper Review

Your first draft will receive a cursory review for the following:

  • Is the study need well articulated and adequately justified by the introduction?
  • Could the study methods be reproduced by other researchers if necessary?
  • Are the results concise, organized, and well articulated in a way that is free of judgement?
  • Does the discussion demonstrate an understanding of the broader field of study?
  • Are all graphics and tables necessary and able to stand on their own for interpretation?
  • Does the overall structure and writing style guide the reader towards understanding the study outcomes and relevance?

Your paper will also receive a more detailed evaluation through the Peer Review assignment.