NR 421 – Natural Resource Sampling

Course Description

NR 421 – Natural Resource Sampling is a required course for all student in the Natural Resource Management that I teach each spring semester. This course pushes students to master concepts related to probability theory and how it relates to sampling a wide range of natural resources. Additionally, a wide range of field data collection protocols are discussed for varying resource objectives. From a foundation of probability theory, the majority of the semester spent developing an understanding of how these theories are applied in sampling for characterizing various natural resources. Lectures are divided into segments to introduce new topics, demonstrate theoretical applications through quantitative demonstrations, and through active-learning opportunities that help students master new concepts. About a quarter of the class periods are dedicated for the students to work with hands-on example problems both on paper and on a computer. The class culminates with each student designing, executing, and reporting on a resource of interest. Course assessments include a mixture of True/False, Multiple Choices, Matching, Short Answer, and calculations questions. This mixture is intended to blend the multiple modes of learning and practice that occur within the course.

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