NR 421 – Project Presentation

NR 421 – Project Presentation

Premise: By now you have formalized your ideas of how your sampling is going to be conducted through a proposal and received feedback and direction from your boss. You have provided an update of your progress to your clients and now you are finishing the project. Your next step is creating a poster for visually presenting the completed project, this should be a simplistic presentation of the material you will have in your final written report. Your poster will be ultimately presented to your clients (Wade & Teaching Assistant) in a 2-3 min ‘elevator speech’ during class on Wednesday May 1st.

Both on Canvas and at the following link you will find comprehensive guides to designing an effective poster:

Your poster should be able to stand on its own as a clear, logical presentation of your work, without any explanation from you. Each section you plan to include in your final written report should be represented on your poster. However, you should avoid including to many words, instead make good use of figures and bullets to convey your message in a concise manner. Also pay attention to the example poster on Canvas.

Evaluation of your post will happen both by your peers and by the course instructors.

Peer Evaluation Criteria Form

Instructor Evaluation Criteria Form