NR 421 – Project Description

NR 421 – Course Project

Overview: This project requires you (or you and a partner) to work through the sampling process to the point that you can make definitive statements about the parameters of a population you choose. The process should include the use of a pilot study, previously collected data, or some other data source that can be used in order to determine the most feasible, rigorous, and statistically viable approach of sampling the population you define. You will need to make the time to collect what every data you decide is necessary to answer your question. The only constraints on the question you can try to answer, is that the data must be quantitative so that you can evaluate the population variability, define your confidence in the final answer, and draw inference to the entire population. The enter project will be framed as if someone has hired the statistical consulting company that you work for and you have been assigned to design, conduct, analyze, and report on their information needs.

The project will include the following elements:

  1. Project Proposal – This element requires you to write a formal plan of work (proposal) to your boss.
  2. Project Update Memo – This element is intended to provide information to those that hired you on the progress that has been made and intended completion data of the project.
  3. Project Presentation – The poster is intended to be a standalone visual presentation of the project containing all salient information.
  4. Project Report – This element will contain all of the traditional components of a scientific write-up.

This project is worth 25% of your overall grade and is intended to demonstrate your mastery of the statistical principals that guide sampling design. I have three pieces of advice that should help you succeed, 1) do not procrastinate getting started; 2) talk with myself or the TA about your project; and 3) make your project about something you care about.