F 321 – Lab Exercise #1

F 321 – Lab Exercise #1

Measurements Refresher

1. Pacing (Individual)
a) Around the lagoon stand you will find two tapes laid out that measure 66 ft. Walk each tape and carefully record your pace count so you can calculate your average number of paces in chains.

Number of paces: _________       Average pace length: _________        Paces/chain: _________

b) Pace the marked distance starting from the red pin flag in the southwest corner of the lagoon stand at a bearing of N 45° E to a second red pin flag, calculate the distance in feet that you paced.

(Tip: It may be a good idea to pace it a couple times and average!!!) Distance: ______________

2. Sighting to an Object (Individual)
Directions: In the lagoon stand, you will find two stations marked along the norther edge: 1 – Orange, 2 – Pink. Choose ONE of the stations and identify the objects at the designated azimuth and estimate the bearing to the marked trees. Start with the tree closest to north and proceed clockwise, all readings were established with a 9° E declination. Additionally, pace and report the distances to the trees and objects from your station as long as you do not have to cross a road.

3) Tree Measurements Refresher (Groups of 3)
Directions: Establish a 1/30th acre circular plot at the marked plot location (Plot 1 – Blue, Plot 2 – Pink, Plot 3 – Orange). At each plot record the DBH, height, and crown base height (CBH) of the sample trees, starting with the tree closest to north and working clockwise. Then calculate the quadratic mean diameter, average height and crown base height, and scale the plot to estimate trees per acre (TPA) and basal area per acre. Be sure you are combining your data in the correct order and labeling your units.