F 321 – Project Presentation

Overview: This project has required you to work through the sampling process of a forest population so that you can provide your client with the information to make a defensible management decision. The process included utilizing a pilot study in order to determine the most feasible, rigorous, and statistically viable approach of sampling the population. You used this information to formalize and propose an inventory design to your boss. Based on this feedback you have conducted your inventory and been working through quantifying and evaluating the forest’s current and future structure, composition, and function under different management scenarios. Now you are going to make a brief presentation to the landowners about the project and your conclusions. This presentation should be a simplified version of the details your final written report will include. The presentation to your clients (Wade & Alex) should be 10-12 min in length and cover the entire scope of your project and findings.

Your presentation should make use of PowerPoint and utilize concise statements and easily interpretable graphics. Your narration should accent and expand upon the points made within the text and graphics of your presentation. Each section you plan to include in your final written report should be represented on your poster. However, you should avoid including to many words, instead make good use of figures and bullets to convey your message in a concise manner. Additionally, not only is the design of your presentation important, your ability to confidently talk about the subject matter can have a strong influence on how your audience receives the material. The final version of your PowerPoint should be uploaded on Canvas by midnight on the night before your presentation.

See the PowerPoint on 10 Presentation Tips and Guide For Preparing a Presentation on Canvas for additional tips on creating an effective presentation.

Evaluation: Your presentation will be evaluated through a combination of your peers and the course instructors. Along with this, you are expected to be a respectful, attentive, and participatory audience, asking questions when appropriate. Beyond presenting, each group will be assigned another group to peer evaluate and provide critical feedback and comments to, should a peer evaluation sheet be missing the evaluators group will lose 5 points.