Monthly Archives: August 2020

Sarah Hinshaw, Juli Scamardo, and Christoph Suhr were awarded funding from the Geological Society of America for their student research proposals!

Sarah’s research focuses on developing monitoring strategies and investigating carbon sequestration potential in Stage 0 stream restoration projects in Colorado and Oregon. Juli’s research investigates sediment storage and floodplain function in desert ephemeral streams in the Southwest. Christoph’s research focuses on post-glacial alluvial dynamics in the South Fork Cache la Poudre River valley at CSU’s Mountain Campus. Congrats Sarah, Juli and Christoph!

Celeste Wieting received the 2020 J. Hoover Mackin Research Award from the Geological Society of America!

Celeste was recognized for her research proposal that focuses on linking flow and sediment dynamics to stream channel response following invasive vegetation removal to quantify the magnitude of landscape change and inform management of post-removal channel behavior. The Mackin award is a longstanding award given by the Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology Divison of GSA to an outstanding PhD student on the basis of a submitted research proposal. Congrats Celeste!

John Kemper received the 2020 Robert K. Fahnestock award from the Geological Society of America!

John received the award for his research proposal Sediment-ecological connectivity: exploring the links between tributary erosion and floodplain forest establishment in a large river basin. John’s research will use the chemical composition of tributary source sediment and downstream floodplain sink sediment to determine the contributions of each tributary watershed to the downstream floodplain sediments that support cottonwood gallery forest.