Jack Straw from Wichipaw

About Jack

Hi there! I’m Jack, the newest companion in the fluvial geomorphology group at CSU. I was born in Texas, but I got the heck out of there when I heard about all the great things happening here. When I first arrived in Fort Collins, I got to live with my new friend, Hank, who taught me so many things. First, he bravely demonstrated how to bark at cars. This was an eye-opening experience for me, but barking seems overrated in my opinion. He also showed me the wonders of chasing squirrels, chewing on things, and investigating compost. Turns out, I am a natural. Geology is very important to me. I study all sorts of rocks (by chewing on them), but apparently that is not proper sampling etiquette.

Research Interests

I am really excited to start field work and put my skills to the test. There’s so much buzz around “large wood,” but I think small wood is way better. You can pick it up, chew it, chase after it, and so many more things. Maybe after I finish growing, I’ll move on to large wood. For me, swimming is still super scary, so I plan on studying the floodplain. I am currently contributing to river restoration efforts by eating invasive grasses wherever I go. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. Also, car rides are the worst! Field sites in the Poudre canyon? No thanks.

Recent Publications

Jack and Hank, 2023, Near surface soil sampling techniques using front paws and snout. Geomorphology 497(1): 43-47.

Jack, 2023 (in progress), Demons on the ceiling; hypotheses regarding demonic spinny things above the dining room table. Journal of Paranormal Phenomena 214(6): 25-31.