Caretaker: Sara Rathburn

About Hank:

Hank comes from humble beginnings. After early years spent as a stray, he has since moved to the continuously maintained fenced yards of Fort Collins. During his time here, Hank has been a leading voice in the field of garbage morphology. In addition to his research, he has invested countless hours in community outreach in the form of barking over the fence at kids, cars, trucks, and cyclists. In his free time, Hank enjoys singing, skiing, and living off the land.

Research interests:

Lately Hank has been interested in the geomorphic response of compost to Rodentia disturbance. He has pioneered methods in compost research through face-to-face interactions, long term repeat sampling, and is not afraid to get his paws dirty.  He hopes to expand his research to larger spatial scales for a robust understanding of how squirrels influence compost mixing and dispersion of moldy bread and bagels.

Recent publications:

Hank et al., 2021, The Art of Begging: A Case Study of Leveraging Human Weakness. Journal of Psychology: Canine Perspectives 9(5): 30:41.

Hank, 2022, Impacts of Snow Avalanches on In-Channel Wood. Geomorphology 418(2): 113-120.