Shayla Triantafillou

Advisor: Dr. Ellen Wohl


Previous Education: University of Vermont, B.A. Geography & B.S. Environmental Sciences 2021

About Me:

Originally from Massachusetts, my interest in rivers began with hiking and camping in the forests of New England. I was introduced to the discipline of fluvial geomorphology in pursuing my undergraduate degree in Vermont. My interest grew as I studied intermittent streams at an REU in southwestern Virginia and solidified with my undergraduate research on floodplains in the Lake Champlain watershed. After graduating, I worked for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in the Watershed Planning Program.

Research Focus:

I study how geomorphic characteristics of watersheds influence post-wildfire response. The Cameron Peak fire in 2020 initiated a disturbance cascade in impacted watersheds. Post wildfire landscapes in the Front Range have a range of responses from higher runoff and associated sediment fluxes to landscape-altering debris flows. My research focus is to quantify and compare geomorphic conditions between watersheds that exhibited responses on a wide spectrum of resilience to wildfire.