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About Chewy: I joined the fluvial geomorphology group at CSU in 2010. As they gradually came to recognize the worth and, I might say, critical importance of beavers in all aspects of the natural world, I decided that they needed professional guidance. It can be tedious being stuck in that nearly-windowless office day after day, but occasionally I return to the spacious outdoors and inspect the work of other beavers (see photo below).

Research: Research may not be the right word to describe my primary activities. I do, after all, know all that I need to know. Education is really my higher calling. Judging by the sorry state of beaver populations across the northern hemisphere, humanity clearly needs to be educated regarding the critical need to restore beaver habitat and protect beaver populations. After all, there are more than 7 billion of you, and far fewer of us. The Canadians have the right idea, putting us on their currency. You people are all so (rightly) worried about the mess you’ve made: dwindling water tables, declining water quality, compacted ground and flash floods, and loss of wetlands and associated habitat, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. I have the answer for all your problems: beavers. We deserve our titles of ecosystem engineers and keystone species. If you give us half a chance, we can clean up a great deal of your mess. Just stop dismantling our dams and shooting and trapping us.


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