Aaron Katz

About me: I first became interested in understanding the Earth in my childhood by exploring the many landscapes of the Bay Area and Sierra Nevada mountains.  With the San Andreas fault in my backyard, I became fascinated with geology and how it shaped the earth’s surface. I attended Humboldt State University where I focused my studies in fluvial and tectonic geomorphology.  My undergraduate thesis investigated a late Pleistocene stream capture between two coastal watersheds in the active tectonic setting of the north coast.

Since then, I’ve worked in environmental consulting, hydrology, and stormwater compliance throughout Northern California and Nevada. I’m excited to dive into river restoration here at CSU.

When I’m not at school, you will find me playing music, or at a concert.

Current Research Focus: My research is part of a multi-year study looking at the recovery and resilience of the Cache la Poudre River fish populations and habitat following the Cameron Peak fire of 2020 and subsequent erosion and mass wasting in the summer of 2021 that caused a watershed-scale fish kill. I will map and monitor how the eroded sediment is moving through the river system. The research will guide managers interested in restoring aquatic resources and improving habitat and water quality.