Hiromi Uno

JSPS Cross-border Postdoc Fellow, Hokkaido University

Visiting researcher, Colorado State University

Hiromi Uno is a JSPS Cross-border Postdoc Fellow at Hokkaido University, currently visiting Colorado State University as a visiting researcher. She was born in Japan and went to undergraduate and masters in Kyoto University in Japan, then studied at University of California Berkeley for her Ph.D. For her Ph.D., she studied spatial linkage of aquatic and riparian food webs by mayfly migrations between mainstream and tributaries of river network in Northern California. Then she took a job as a non-tenure track associate Professor, at the Center for Ecological Research at Kyoto University for four years, and she has been studying natural river ecosystems in Japan with students and many collaborators. Now she is working on a wonderful fellowship from JSPS (Japanese National Science Foundation), that allows her to explore around the world with good research funding, for five years (on 3rd year now), and currently visiting Colorado State University. Hiromi is broadly interested in how natural river ecosystem works from geomorphological, hydrological and ecological perspective, and hoping to apply the lessons to practices. As a bi-cultural person, Hiromi also always wishes to bridge science across countries.