Juli Scamardo

Advisor: Dr. Ellen Wohl

Email: j.scamardo@colostate.edu

Previous Education: The University of Texas at Austin (B.S. Environmental Science, Geology, 2017)

Research: Potential for Geomorphic Channel Response to Beaver Restoration in the Front Range, Colorado.

Predicting the capacity for and magnitude of geomorphic and hydrologic change after restoration is valuable information for informing watershed management and restoration project design. Enthusiasm for beaver-related restoration is currently high, but there is minimal science to guide these installations and to determine expected restoration outcomes in the Colorado Front Range. In my research, I am interested in geomorphic change such as stream bed aggradation, grain size fining, channel gradient shallowing, and floodplain reconnection as well as hydrologic change such as water table rise, channel stage increase, and overbank flooding associated with Beaver Dam Analogs (BDAs). The goal of my research is to identify channel reaches prime for beaver-related restoration and to quantify channel changes after BDA installation in the Colorado Front Range.