About Stanley

I am a distinguished 11-year old gentleman that grew up patrolling the western slopes of the Cascade Range in my full-time position as human guardian. No one is better than I at recognizing potential threats, such as dodgy squirrels, shifty mailmen in hats, and invading flies. In my attempts at improving my role as security detail for the Brous House I have taken on many positions, such as yard superintendent, couch warden, and kitchen supervisor. Although my human prefers to spend an absurd amount of time near water, I can’t stand the stuff. I have deduced, through years of research, that if I were to allow my paws to leave the ground and try the unthinkable task of swimming, I would surely be swallowed by the monsters I so clearly see in what my human calls “rapids” and “waves”. I much prefer to stand on the shore and point at the monsters in the water so that my human might one day recognize the error of her ways. When I’m not on the clock I enjoy a good nap cuddled up with my human, loading my pack on my back to go explore a new trail, and looking at my handsome self in the mirror. My work has taken me to many places around the west, but CO is by far my favorite assignment!

Research Interests

Currently focused on studying 1) propulsion and acceleration mechanisms needed to overcome chain link fencing blocking the security forces next door, in order to establish a sustainable neighborhood alliance 2) cabinet and door dynamics in a grad-school household in which forgetfulness reigns, revealing unsecured perimeter anomalies, such as unoccupied bed and unguarded trash can, and 3) scat collection for…other research…