Emily Iskin

Advisor: Dr. Ellen Wohl


Email: Emily.Iskin@colostate.edu


Previous Education:

M.S. Geosciences, Colorado State University, 2020

B.S. Biological Systems Engineering, University of California, Davis, 2015


Professional Engineer – Civil, California, No. 89469

About Emily:

I like CSU and the Fluvial Geomorphology Group so much that I decided to continue with my PhD in Fort Collins! I have always been fascinated by water and natural systems, and I really enjoy learning, teaching, and collaborating at a research university that encourages sharing of ideas and interdisciplinary study. Fort Collins is such a great place to live and highly encourages work life balance. When I’m not reading and  writing for research, I can be found skiing, baking, painting, and backpacking in the Rocky Mountains.


My Master’s research focused on the patterns of floodplain wood on the Merced River in Yosemite National Park. My research will help the NPS manage their large wood in rivers and on floodplains to encourage lateral continuity in river systems. My PhD research takes a more broad focus of floodplains across the United States. I will be investigating the natural patterns of floodplain heterogeneity from the grassy plains of the Midwest to the tundra of Alaska. This research will add to our knowledge of natural floodplain form and inform floodplain restoration practices.