Emily Iskin

Advisor: Dr. Ellen Wohl

Email: Emily.Iskin@colostate.edu

Previous Education:

The University of California, Davis (B.S. Biological Systems Engineering, 2015)


Professional Engineer – Civil, California, No. 89469

About Emily:

Emily is excited to be working with Dr. Wohl and be a part the Fluvial Geomorphology group at CSU. Her background includes a broad-based engineering degree and over two years of experience working as a water resources engineer in California before starting her Master’s degree at CSU. Her future career goals include using both her engineering and natural science knowledge to work towards interdisciplinary solutions for today’s water challenges in the West (particularly river restoration). When Emily is not working, she likes to hike, backpack, ski, dance, and play soccer.


Emily’s field site is the Merced River in Yosemite National Park, where she will be researching the effects of large wood on the channel morphology and working with the National Park Service on river restoration activities.