Additional Fonts

The following fonts may be needed to view the PDF files that exist on this web page.  You can download them and copy them to your \windows\fonts subdirectory to see the PDF files properly.

bullet bccyr.ttf
bullet bccyrbd.ttf
bullet bcsyma.ttf
bullet bcsymabd.ttf
bullet bcsymb.ttf
bullet bcsymbbd.ttf
bullet bcsymx.ttf
bullet bcsymxbd.ttf
bullet wpce08n_.ttf
bullet wphv06na.ttf
bullet wphv06nb.ttf
bullet wphv07na.ttf
bullet wphv07nb.ttf

If you don’t use WordPerfect, you may not have the WPMathA fonts used in some of the PDF documents provided above (which may result in various equations being unreadable).  You can install the needed fonts from Corel by going to, which should solve the problem.

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