Intermediate-Level Program MARK Workshop

May 31-June 5, 2015, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

This intermediate-level workshop will provide quantitative biologists and statisticians with the statistical background to understand the main-stream analyses performed by Program MARK, and the familiarity with the program to perform these analyses.  A mixture of lectures and laboratory exercises will be provided.  Participants will learn the basics of parameter estimation with likelihood theory, model selection with Akaike’s Information Criterion (AIC), and the binomial and multinomial distributions.  The Cormack-Jolly-Seber (CJS) mark-recapture, band (tag or ring) recovery, known fate, and closed captures models will be covered in detail.  More advanced models will be described so that participants will understand the benefits of these models, but those models would not be covered extensively.  Use of covariates, including individual covariates, will be covered with the CJS and band recovery models.

The clientele for this workshop are biologists with experience in the analysis of data from marked animals.  The content is aimed at providing the participants with a solid background in the philosophy, theory, and analysis of data from marked animals.  This is not a workshop for beginners to this subject.

Format of the workshop will be a combination of lectures and computer lab exercises.  The workshop would start on Monday morning, 8:00am, June 1, 2015, and end Friday at noon (with some time during Friday afternoon to address specific user questions).  Evening sessions would be provided as needed to cover the workshop material.  A get-acquainted social will be held Sunday evening, May 31.  We expect you to attend the Sunday evening social to become acquainted with the instructors and others taking the workshop.  Thus, arrange your travel to arrive in Fort Collins by 5:00pm Sunday, May 31.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own data for analysis to the workshop, but should recognize that a thorough analysis will not be completed at the workshop.   Given the amount of material to be covered, attendees likely would not be able to begin analysis of their own data until Thursday afternoon.

Attendees also must bring their own notebook computers.  We will not be using a computer lab, so you must have your own notebook.  Be sure that you have the administrative privileges to install MARK on the notebook you bring (i.e., that you can install new software on the hard drive).  If you have difficulty in bringing your own machine, contact Gary to work out something.

Cost for the 1-week workshop is $1,200, with a reduction to $1,000 for registered university students.   This fee would include all course materials, zip drive with Program MARK and supporting documentation and examples, and facilities for the workshop, socials, banquet, and morning and afternoon refreshments.



Kenneth P. Burnham


Gary C. White


Paul F. Doherty, Jr.


William L. Kendall


Evan G. Cooch


Larissa Bailey

Registration Form:

Fill out the registration form for the MARK Workshop. Direct questions about registration to Joyce Pratt, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO 80523-8037; FAX (970) 491-5091; Telephone (970) 491-5020; email

Last year, this workshop filled a month before the deadline, and we expect it to fill rapidly again.  Therefore, to reserve your place, be sure to register early.  We try to limit the workshop at about 35 people, so that the 5 instructors and 4-5 helpers have plenty of time to interact with students and answer questions.

Remember: this workshop is an intermediate-level workshop.  If you have no background in the analysis of marked animal data and further lack a strong statistical background, you will probably not find the workshop useful.  If you have questions about your background, email Gary White.


Travel and Lodging Information.

The Hilton Fort Collins Hotel (970-482-2626) and the Best Western University Inn (970-484-1984) on College are convenient places to stay.

You should not need a car in Fort Collins if you stay at one of the hotels near campus, plus parking on campus can be difficult.  The SuperShuttle Airport Express provides service directly to the Hilton Fort Collins Hotel (970-482-2626) from the Denver International Airport.  In addition, the Best Western University Inn on College (970-484-1984) is on the east edge of campus.  These 2 hotels are the most convenient for this workshop.  If you have questions concerning travel or lodging, email

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