Real Parameters


Real Parameters

Real parameters are parameters that are estimated through the likelihood function based on the rows of the design matrix.  Each column of the design matrix causes a beta parameter to be estimated.  Each row of the design matrix generates a real parameter estimate.   Derived parameters are parameter estimates that are derived from either the real parameter estimates or the beta parameter estimates.

The variance-covariance matrix of the real parameters is also available.

The default confidence intervals for real parameter estimates in the 0-1 interval are based on the standard error and the logit transformation.  That is, a 95% confidence interval is computed on the logit estimate, and then these intervals are transformed to the real scale.  Use of the logit transformation precludes confidence interval boundaries outside the 0-1 interval.  Profile likelihood confidence intervals can also be computed.

Note that the values of the real parameters printed in the output depends on the individual covariate values specified.  Also, the standard error and confidence intervals reported for the real parameters depends on the value of c-hat.