Solutions for Problems in Big Game Modeling Chapter

The manuscript for this chapter is available as PDF file readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Please provide me with comments or other suggestions to improve the material.

Problem Solutions

The solutions for problems in the Big Game Modeling Chapter are available as Quattro Pro spreadsheets. Click to download the file for a particular problem. Files are named prob?.wb2 or prob?.xls.

bullet Problem 1 Solution Quattro, Problem 1 Solution Excel
bullet Problem 2 Solution Quattro, Problem 2 Solution Excel
bullet Problem 3 Solution Quattro, Problem 3 Solution Excel
bullet Problem 4 Solution Quattro, Problem 4 Solution Excel
bullet Problem 5 Solution Quattro, Problem 5 Solution Excel
bullet Problem 6 Solution Quattro, Problem 6 Solution Excel

Black Bear Stochastic Model

The description of this model and the SAS code to run the model are available.

Piceance Basin Mule Deer Model

The Quattro Pro spreadsheet is available.

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