Time Matrix


Time Matrix

A time matrix is a parameter matrix where the parameters are time-specific.  For example, the following matrix has 5 occasions:

1  2  3  4  5
    2  3  4  5
       3  4  5
          4  5

In the above matrix, parameter 1 represents occasion 1, parameter 2 represents occasion 2, and so forth.  To initialize a parameter matrix to a time matrix, set the upper left value in the edit box to the first parameter, and click on the Initial Time menu selection.  This first value will be used to set the remainder of the matrix.  Thus, in the above matrix, a 1 in the upper left edit box results in the matrix shown.

See Constant Matrix for how parameters are specified constant for each occasion, Age Matrix for parameters that are age-specific, Time and Age Matrix for an example where parameters are both time and age specific, and All Different Matrix for parameters that all have different values.

The quickest way to create a time matrix is to right-click the parameter block on the PIM Chart.